Paul Vitale

Paul Vitale

Paul Vitale has become one of America’s most sought-out speakers and trainers by using his unique combination of excitement, energy, and experience to encourage and motivate others. The president of Matt Birk and Company, Paul served for 22 years as CEO and founder of Vital Communications, Inc., is a native of Arkansas, and acquired his degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Central Arkansas.

For over two decades, Paul has impacted individuals and organizations, imparting an understanding of the leadership and determination required to excel. Through his keynote presentations, seminars, and retreats, Paul helps his clients build strong teams and increase productivity. He speaks worldwide about the significance of optimism, a strong work ethic, and concepts vital to personal and professional growth, while reaching hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Paul’s diverse client list includes the National Football League, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings, Baptist Health, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Tyson Foods, the Los Angeles Rams, and Dole Hong Kong. Paul’s expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to encourage people to exceed their potential have been described by his audiences as extraordinary.

Prior to speaking professionally, Paul was director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He has written the best sellers Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?; Sell With Confidence; Pass It On; and Discover the Now. Paul has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Minnesota Vikings Entertainment Network, and is a regular guest on talk shows sharing his insight and life strategies. In his spare time, Paul enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the March of Dimes, the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission, and the Arkansas Hospitality Association. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Game for Life National Advisory Board, a partner volunteer with the Salvation Army, a graduate of the Little Rock Citizen’s Police Academy as well as Leadership Greater Little Rock, a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Travel Council, served on the Los Angeles Rams Training Academy Leadership Board, and was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel. Paul was selected by the readers of Arkansas Business as Best Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

Most Requested Programs

Energize the Enthusiasm that Exists Within
Being able to define enthusiasm, determine where your particular passions lie, and what can be done to make those passions shine are keys to maintaining enthusiasm. Life can be chaotic and it is easy at times to feel beaten down. This dynamic presentation reinforces the importance of genuine enthusiasm for everyday life. Paul illustrates what an optimistic state of mind can and will do for one’s work ethic while providing concrete examples of morale-boosting ideas. The information participants take from this session will not only emphasize the importance of efficiency, a positive attitude, and a passion toward life, it will also provide them with an incredible advantage in the competitive world today.

Setting the Tempo for Success
The momentum an individual brings into any environment sets a tempo that affects the end result. During this dynamic presentation, Paul shares concepts that demonstrate the necessity for controlling one’s approach and energy regardless of the surrounding variables and circumstances. Through strategic positioning of actions, reactions, and attitude, each member of a team is directly responsible for the success of the unit as a whole. Research indicates that no matter the industry or employment position, individuals control the outcome of success through the tempos set. Paul developed the proven methods shared during this empowering training to embolden participants to take command of their influential personas in order to improve their environments.

Legendary Leadership in Action
Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead: courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others. During the presentation Legendary Leadership in Action, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to becoming a legendary leader. He outlines strategies that are vital for the continued success of any organization. Concepts from expressing genuine interest in mankind to reinventing tendencies and techniques are ideas introduced during this thought-provoking and energetic presentation. Legendary leadership truly is possessing the capacity to translate a vision into reality.

Inspired Teamwork & Leadership
The strength of a team is centered on the individuals who comprise the group; the strength of a leader begins with the team. In Inspired Teamwork & Leadership, Paul details significant traits that bring cohesiveness to any team. Uniting for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging individuals through positive actions are all elements of this empowering presentation. With the information obtained, attendees will generate a renewed appreciation for collaboration and teamwork, and a keen sense of ownership in the organizational process.

Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential
If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again. Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept. During this spirited presentation, Paul will empower participants by providing strong fundamentals that refine proven methods and increase productivity. The essentials of salesmanship offered during this extensive training will help your team build quality business relationships, learn strategies and techniques to increase the bottom line, and assist individuals in the development and nurturing of trustworthy business relationships, while increasing overall impact.


"I've received nothing but wonderful remarks from our Global Internal Audit Services team complimenting your enthusiastic message and the way you connected with them. You definitely hit the mark in helping us reach the goals and objectives of our Year Beginning Meeting." - Walmart

"After extensive research for someone we felt would invigorate and challenge our group, the decision to bring you in as our keynote address was a great one.
Not only did you meet our expectations, but you soared above all that by inspiring while delivering a thought-provoking message." - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Paul's engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking sessions rated among the highest we had in our conference program. 'Powerful, relevant, engaging, enthusiastic, inspirational, great role model' are just a few of our audience comments!" - Holstein Foundation

"Paul has an innate ability to utilize multiple strategies to engage participants in his presentation through reflection, dialogue, and demonstrations. He is equipped to get people to respond actively through a diverse array of activities." - Texas Association of Secondary School Principals

"Paul's keynote address was relatable to all of our attendees. He was knowledgeable about the subject matter, able to connect with and engage the group on an emotional level through his enthusiasm, humor and passion for the topic, and truly what we were seeking in a keynote speaker!" - Maryland Association for Healthcare Recruitment