George Campbell

George Campbell

George Campbell is a Hall of Fame Speaker, published author, and in his rebellious youth, an award-winning stand-up comic, appearing on stages with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and others way more famous that himself.

His work on countless corporate stages brought him to the attention of 60 Minutes, the LA Times, and (more embarrassingly), the game show, To Tell the Truth.

And then, he stumbled across a question so compelling that it changed the direction of his career and his life: How is possible for smart, capable people to be completely aware of a few simple actions, that done consistently, would result in tremendous positive changes, and yet be unable to generate that ongoing behavior?

George spent the next four years researching the neuroscience surrounding this behavior. That work culminated in his bold new project, The Consistency Chain.

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Consistency Chain


“The Consistency Chain was excellent. The team can’t stop talking about it. I feel every individual and organization wants to move from average or below, to above average and beyond, the question is how? George answered that question convincingly, while entertaining the group, and gave a follow-able blueprint of how to get there.
Not just the material, but also the way it was presented resonated. The program is both funny and also hits home with the people that need to hear it the most.
This presentation would be invaluable for any group or individual that would like to better themselves, or their organization. George has my 100% recommendation.” - Eric Larsen- Tesla Solar

You have done what no one else ever does. You reached the people on our team that needed to be reached. We have people on our team who were never top producers, but always reliable. Now, many are getting some incredible results!
In a world where speakers come in to fire up a team, “motivate”. They create feelings that often don’t even survive the flight back home. You come in and show those who need it most the way to make that difference. - Don LaPlume – Asirvia

“George gave a fascinating and insightful presentation to a group of highly productive Real Estate agents who work in my brokerage.
He did a great job of mixing in humor along with getting the message across. I am definitely planning on having them come back and speak again!” - Jim Dunning – Keller Williams Realty

"How blown away were we with the Consistency Chain presentation? After the initial engagement, we IMMEDIATELY rebooked George for our national convention.
This program a game changer. They approach this problem from a fresh perspective. George provides a breakthrough strategy to acquire consistency. Best of all, it is designed for the very people that need it the most." - Kevin Marino- Energy Network

As a veteran salesperson, I understood the critical importance of consistency in my success. What I didn’t understand, as a sales team leader, was why consistency was such a struggle for most of my reps. George and Consistency Chain revealed to me the origin (and more importantly) the solution to this challenge. After having George on my podcast, “Selling From the Heart”, we are exploring ways to incorporate this strategy with our coaching clients. - Larry Levine- Selling From the Heart Virtual Seminars

George Campbells message of reaching the 80% absolutely connected with 170 TV sales managers. It became the buzz of our conference. He has such a great idea with his Consistency Chain concept. He’s onto something really big and would be a great speaker for any conference. - Jim Doyle- Sales Mgrs. High Performance Boot Camp