Amy Dee

Amy Dee

Amy Dee is recognized by audiences across the country as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian. She combines her background in standup comedy and theatre with her RN degree and experience as a successful business owner to deliver hilarious stories and valuable content on the brain and behavior. Her message and music rise above the boundaries of gender, age, and occupation. Amy's hilarious stories coupled with her phenomenal content propels audiences to live, act, and work better. Her authentic spirit and down to earth approach have made her one of the most sought-after speakers throughout the United States. She is truly one of the best speakers in the country at combining message and humor.

Amy’s background is as diverse as her audiences. She once ran a non-profit where she managed five hundred volunteers and organized multiple fundraisers that culminated in an eight-hour telethon.

Amy lived in Norway from 1994-2003, and while learning to speak, read and write in Norwegian, she started a photo calendar business in her home. Her company grew to become Xerox’s largest customer in Scandinavia.

Amy returned to college at age forty-three to obtain her RN degree. She was nominated for Nurse of the Year several times during her nine years as a Psychiatric RN. Amy has been a monthly guest expert on NBC affiliate ND Today. She has written four books and numerous song parodies.

Most Requested Programs

Resilience: The Bounce that Counts
Your mission becomes the fuel that empowers your resilience. It can be either personal or public. Personally, you may want to get into shape, create more harmony in your family, or quit drinking. Publicly, you may want to mentor high school students, register people to vote, or start a soup kitchen in your community.

The Science of Sanity: Thriving, Challenge & Change in Today’s Busy Healthcare World
Motivational Speaker, Amy Dee, turns advanced behavioral science into practical “retrain your brain” techniques for keeping negative thoughts from creating crazy-toxic emotions and situations at home and at work. From interacting with difficult patients and coworkers, to coping with the epidemic overload of paperwork, processes, and long hours, she has a genius for using humor to reveal our profound power to stay sane by making small, personal choices each day that wind up changing... everything!

Mental Flexibility: Shift Your Perspective: Change your Life
Learn how your thoughts/interpretations create your emotions and thereby affect your judgements and decisions, your behavior and interactions. Learn how to use this valuable knowledge to hugely improve your Leadership, Management and Social Skills. Learn some strategies to manage your emotions better, and prevent them from jeopardizing your judgements and decisions.

Confirmation Bias; Understand your Brain Change Your Life
Learn how to use this valuable knowledge to hugely improve your interactions with external and internal customers, better handle stress and increase your happiness and job satisfaction.

Learn simple yet powerful steps you can take to better manage your emotions, and prevent them from jeopardizing your judgements and decisions.

Resilience: The Power behind Great Women Leaders
In this keynote Amy will identify some specific behaviors that keep women from realizing their full potential. She will help her female audience recognize why what worked for them in the past won’t help empower their future. Amy will give audience members tools to shed those behaviors so they can advance to whatever their next level might be.
A dynamic. laugh aloud, life changing women leadership keynote.


“I loved this!!!! She more than engaged her audience. Through her words, she painted an entire movie where the listener could picture everything she was talking about. How to interact with others through kindness, how to see the humor and positive in each situation. I was laughing so hard at the end, I'm surprised no one came into my office to see what was going on. Would love to see her again. Her positive, upbeat energy is contagious.” - AHCA 2020 Virtual Convention

It was a pleasure to meet you at our recent CSR Convention. Learning a bit about you before you spoke to the group gave me assurance that we had, in fact, selected the right person for this event. You truly did deliver! As I mentioned we do receive evaluation forms from all who attend. Without exception, the comments we received on your presentations were exceptional. Clearly, you were the highlight of the convention. To give you some idea on how well you were received, the feedback ranged from “exceptional, inspirational, motivational” and to “life changing” Our evaluation grades on a scale from 1-5 . Virtually every form had you rated as a “5 “ and some even added additional glowing comments about how much your presentation was appreciated. A couple of sheets showed a rating of “10” and one even had a “12”.
On the evaluation forms we ask the question, “What one memory or take-away will you have from this convention Of course, in following suit, your presentation was listed numerous times. Personally, I took your statements on “It’s the little things that matter”, “Clarity, Courage , Commitment”, “Choices determine your destiny” and “it doesn’t matter when you start, it matters that you start” as items I reminded the group about in my closing comments recapping your presentation. Suffice to say you made an impact and a difference.
Thanks Again for your willingness to participate and for the mark you left on this year’s successful CSR Convention. Your role was much of the reason for the success. Best wishes in all your future endeavors. I hope we cross paths again. - Auto-Owners Insurance

There are many words that would describe Amy Dee. She is funny, humble, smart, relatable, professional and kind. She moderated our day-long virtual education for behavioral health staff beautifully with her husband as her IT/camera man. Both did an outstanding job! The audience enjoyed her humor as well as the wisdom she shared in memorable ways. She was an absolute joy to work with as well. The kindness she showed afterward to our hospitals with sweet gifts just shows that her heart is there for health care. I will look for many more opportunities to use her and plan to spread her name to all I know. - Iowa Hospital Association

Everything from engaging with Amy Dee in the beginning through her attending and speaking at our event was wonderful. Amy is a genuine human that uses her experiences and stories to move a crowd to think differently through laughter. There were times where I looked around the room and didn’t see anyone that could contain themselves from busting out in laughter and other times in tears!
In today’s fast paced world it is enjoyable to have a speaker that doesn’t come with a 100 slide PowerPoint deck, but instead comes with a great attitude inspired to help others.
I think Amy Dee is a great story teller and facilitator. I would recommend her to any company looking to try something different that appeals to your entire workforce. - Blytheco Co.

I would highly recommend Amy Dee as a Keynote speaker. She was our closing Keynote for TCSHRM’s Spring Conference and definitely was something to see. She is entertaining from the moment she hit the stage with her story telling and songs she sang. While planning for the conference with Amy, she was always upbeat and enthusiastic. She was extremely professional and anticipated what to bring with her to make her time on stage go off without a hitch. All around we had a great time with Amy Dee and would recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker that can bring that something extra to their event. - Kelly TCSHRM