Chris Heeter

Chris Heeter

Selected as a Top Ten Speaker by MeetingsNet, and as the highest rated speaker of Meeting Professional International's 2014 World Education Congress, Chris Heeter is out to create a Wild revolution in the workplace. A wilderness guide since 1984 and professional speaker since 2001, Chris has led and worked with a diverse array of teams, both canine and human!

Featured on The Discovery Channel's “National Geographic Today,” she brings decades of leadership experience indoors, to conferences and offices, working with teams and leaders, helping us recognize that leadership, teamwork, and inclusion don't have to be so complicated.

Combining business expertise with hilarious stories from her sled dog team and from guiding whitewater trips, Chris challenges and inspires organizations and individuals to be Wildly Present, Wildly Original, and Wildly Welcoming

Most Requested Programs

WILDLY RESILIENT: finding your footing in uncharted terrain

  • Create an environment by example of slowing down to speed up
  • Establish real networks of support so that people can bring their best selves to the work at hand
  • Incorporate Wild at Work principals that promote resilience, reassurance, and resourcefulness in order to find the opportunities within the enormous re-set that this pandemic has introduced

WILD LEADERSHIP: a dog musher's perspective on leading teams and getting the most out of each "dog"

  • Work with the personalities and gifts of each team member, harness their energy and unique skills.
  • Guide your team through change where everyone stays on board and engaged.
  • Stop managing people, start inspiring them… Be You… and help them Be Them.

WILD TEAMS. From diva dogs to do-overs: helping teams pull to their potential

  • Hone your communication skills to truly support each other and gel as a team.
  • Be more of who you are to make your team more successful and responsive.
  • Get to YES together while understanding and appreciating differences.

WILD INCLUSION. Getting past the eggshells: Pulling to our potential through inspired inclusion

  • Learn how curiosity and humility pave the way to better understanding.
  • Grow beyond the Golden Rule to “Do unto others as they would like to be done unto.”
  • Build a sense of belonging and connection for all employees and customers.

WORK CULTURE. What makes this place so special? Cultivating a work environment that is Wildly Present, Wildly Original, and Wildly Welcoming

  • Encourage innovation by tapping into the full abilities of your workforce.
  • Increase productivity and engagement by creating a culture of readiness.
  • Disrupt your industry by being agile, open, and willing to do things differently.


“The big thing for me is our managers connected so much with what Chris was talking about they were immediately applying what they had learned once they returned to their teams.” - Sport Clips VP of Operations

”We had a District Manager meeting the following day where the dog house and sled team were tied in frequently to what we were discussing. Awesome!” - Regional Banking, Wells Fargo

“Thank you for sharing your gift with our team. You delivered on your commitment—people are using your language and it is helping foster a common culture.”
- Director of Advancement, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

“If you are seeking an engaging, extraordinary keynote speaker for your event, I highly recommend Chris Heeter. Chris presented a captivating Wild at Work session to our virtual audience. She touched our hearts and made us laugh out loud. Through stories and anecdotes, Chris directly addressed how to manage, and succeed, in leading your pack when faced with every day and unanticipated challenges. Chris was innovative and open in her approach. Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with Chris Heeter. You will be blown away!” -Cindy F., AGN International

"Thank you Chris for kicking off our 1st Quarter D+I Learning Series: “Inspiring Inclusion to Ignite Growth”. You did an amazing job yesterday leading our team through the session with powerful examples of the importance of belonging, having grace, “do overs” , not having to be perfect and so many more. By providing examples from Mozul and the crew provided a non-threatening way for our employees to better understand Inclusion and the direct connection to innovation. We appreciated you doing research to better understand the AG industry as you made many significant connections to the industry and LOL!" - Philomena Morrissey Satre, Land O’Lakes Inc.