Courtney Godfrey

Courtney Godfrey

Courtney Godfrey is a local TV reporter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her job has taken her all over the country, from San Francisco to New York City. She has reported on major news events, appearing on Fox News Channel and She has interviewed celebrities and sports icons, and covered major events including the police death of George Floyd, the Super Bowl and multiple Kentucky Derbys.

In September 2017, she was involved in a boat accident that resulted in the amputation of her left leg. The recovery was long and painful, but not once did she lose her positivity and drive. With the support of her family, Courtney found the strength to return to all the activities she enjoyed before the accident. Four months post-amputation, Courtney was back on her snowboard. She returned to work, her favorite fitness classes and even got back in her beloved high heels.

She serves on the board of the nationally recognized amputee non-profit, Wiggle Your Toes as well as the board of the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation.

On her own time, she provides one-on-one peer support to new amputees and does frequent hospital visits. She advocates for amputee rights at the state and federal level, lobbying members of the Minnesota legislature and U.S. Congress.

She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their son, Callan.

Most Requested Programs

"From Broken to Beautiful"
Whether it's at work, life or love, a shift in perspective can change everything--making happiness and success achievable. Courtney Godfrey was a healthy, happy 30-year-old newlywed when a freak accident sent her life into a tailspin. Although memories from that day are traumatic and everyday tasks can be a struggle, Courtney chooses to look at her situation with gratitude and grace. She will take your audience on a journey that will have them both laughing and crying, all while challenging them to do better and be more.


“Courtney Godfrey is a speaker who commands everyone’s attention from the first moment she begins to speak. She is able to move from heart wrenching to inspirational without pause. As we listened to Courtney tell us about her life altering event, she never let us feel sorry for her, but continued to concentrate on how lucky she was. She didn’t concentrate on the barriers, but rather on her goals and how she planned and worked to achieve them. Courtney delivered the most inspirational and motivational presentation I’ve heard. People were still talking about what they had heard and the impact as they walked to their cars at the end of the day. This was a once in a lifetime experience and I’m so glad she shared part of her life with us.” - Vickie Ruegemer, Sr. Director, Learning and Professional Development, CentraCare Health

“It is difficult to express how impressed we were with Courtney’s delivery in a few short sentences. Courtney did an incredible job engaging the audience, maintaining the flow of a very challenging schedule and providing motivation and inspiration through her program. I would highly recommend Courtney for any Keynote, Emcee or other speaking engagement. She will prepare herself and her delivery for your audience and the message you are looking to convey.” - Aaron Holm, Founder and President - Wiggle Your Toes