Dave Cornell

Dave Cornell

Dave Cornell is a speaker, coach and trainer who helps individuals and organizations overcome their fears by making courageous choices both personally and professionally so they can lead more productive, passionate and engaged lives. He founded Cultivate Courage, LLC in 2011 to accomplish this mission. He has over 35 years of experience in sales, sales management and training and development.Dave’s business is focused on three areas; Speaking, Coaching and Training. Dave’s powerful presentation, Cultivate Courage, which focuses on fear, courage and change and how those emotions affect individuals and organizations, is well received by audiences and has been a launching pad for performance development and personal improvement. Dave also serves as a Senior Consultant with David Horsager’s Trust Edge Leadership Institute. Dave and his wife, Amy, have been married for 41 years. They immensely enjoy time with their two grown daughters, son-in-law and four grandchildren. He also enjoys golf, basketball, and anything with a comedic bent. Relating to that comedic bent, he is a graduate of Stevie Ray’s School of Improv.

Most Requested Programs

Cultivate Courage
From playing basketball internationally, to corporate America, to the unemployment lines, Dave brings a message that no one wants to talk about, yet everyone wants to hear. He brings a fresh, bold message of hope and inspiration in the face of something we all share—FEAR— and something we all hope we have—COURAGE!


"We are so thankful for your time and words of wisdom at our staff meeting on March 3rd. Your message is wonderful and is truly of great value to our team. Your message gives us commonality, insight to ourselves and to others. Your message reduces stigma around fear that we all carry. I now hear our team talk more freely about their fears and then what their power is in that. This is exactly what we need to work on with our guests. This is the gift you give.Your book opened up these discussions with our team. Your words inspire our team and broke down barriers and ……allowed us an opportunity of time of belonging. Thank you!!!!!" - Productive Alternatives Crisis Stabilization Unit

"Dave used a nice blend of humor, information, and his own experiences to cover topics that were relevant to our organization. We would definitely recommend him to others who are looking for a well prepared informative speaker. He brings a sense of compassion to 'sensitive' topics - he made it very easy for our group to discuss them without feeling uncomfortable." - Olmsted County Health, Housing and Human Services

"The speaker had a great mix of personal stories and great information that everyone could apply to their life. He was upbeat with great humor but also a great message that everyone can relate to. His open and honest sharing of his challenges and experiences brought a high level of credibility to his presentation." - FMHRA - Fargo Moorhead Human Resources Association.

"Dave Cornell’s presentation on facing your fears so you can fulfill your dreams pertained to everyone in attendance. Dave’s excellent speaking skills mixed with a bit of humor kept the crowd’s interest and left everyone feeling inspired. - NDPMA North Dakota Petroleum Marketer's Association5. You absolutely met the mark on your presentation. Your mix of story, humor, and content kept the audience engaged and your message spoke to all levels of the organization. The way you thoughtfully incorporated our program made it personal and special for the audience. Thank you." - Doosan, Bobcat