Desiree Petrich

Desiree Petrich

Hi! I'm Desiree, I left my management position in Healthcare in 2021 after 10 years in the field, to follow my dream of growing myself, and helping others to develop into the person and leader they want to be. I now get to share the message of personal development, growth and leadership with those around me, to help set individuals up for success in their homes, at work and in their relationships.

I truly believe that both personal and professional success lies in our ability to create happy lives through confidence, kindness, strength, and collaboration. This helps us to overcome adversity, take risks, and lead a life we’re proud to call our own.

WHAT I DO: I help businesses and individuals prepare for opportunities, lead by example, and create self confidence in their ability to set goals and reach them. I do this through teambuilding, leadership development, group coaching and masterminds, keynote speaking, and personality assessments to help teams continue to grow as one.

WHY ME: I help individuals learn what they value about themselves, their team, and their company.
I have built myself up from the bottom in several areas of life. From losing 50 pounds in high school, and learning to maintain it, to starting as a CNA in a nursing home and working my way into a management position at a dementia facility.
I read an average of 70 books per year, and use that knowledge to help educate and add value to others who are looking for a happier life, but don’t know where to start.
I lost my mom in 2022, and found a way to maintain my healthy habits while grieving her loss, and raising a 2 year old and a 2 month old.

Most Requested Programs

5 Rules for Life: Increase Productivity, Discipline and Confidence
In this presentation, you will learn simple life hacks that will help you to be less stressed about your productivity, it will happen naturally!
1. Act The Way You Want to Feel
2. Conditional Permission
3. Know Yourself Better
4. Define your Identity
5. Checkmate!

Building a Foundation of Self: A path to Happiness, Confidence and Trust
There are so many fixes to our problems, but they are all external. When we look inside ourselves, and take control of what we can control, we learn to be confident, and have trust in ourselves.
We need to build a Foundation of Self to be able to rely on our own strengths. Not only to prepare for when we will inevitably face adversity, but to create a Happy Life both at work, and at home.

Key Takeaways

How to Build your foundation of SELF to make your Happiness a state of being.
Learn to prepare for opportunities and adversity by taking control of what you can control
Gain the tools to learn to Love and Trust yourself first, and foremost
Learn to increase your emotional intelligence to strengthen relationships with yourself and others


Highly recommend Desiree for leadership training! She does her homework and knows her stuff! Desiree is an easy person to listen to. I received lots of great feedback from my team members regarding the things they learned from Desiree. If you want help inspiring future leaders and encouraging all to be leaders in their current capacity, consider having Desiree speak to your group!! - Advance Opportunities

Desiree has a true passion for helping others through personal development. I had the pleasure of completing her first six-week course and could not believe the impact it has made on my life. Desiree's ability to lead self-reflection and motivate change is her greatest strength. She has an innate ability to build trust and encouraged a very raw, honest platform of open dialogue. I look forward to learning more from Desiree in the future. Thank you! - City of Marshall

My team had a great experience playing The Leadership Game. It was insightful, challenging, and worth every second. Desiree did a fantastic job of moderating and moving us along, while also pushing for more when she knew there was more. I would 10/10 recommend working with Desiree and Intentional Action – you will learn so much about yourself and your team and you’ll be much better because of it! - Southwest Minnesota State University