Elizabeth Ries

Elizabeth Ries

Elizabeth Ries is a television and radio personality in the Twin Cities. She spent years as a news anchor/reporter, but is now the co-host of Twin Cities Live weekdays at 3 pm on 5 Eyewitness News (KSTP). She chats about pop culture, celebrity gossip and manages to get a few pro-kale statements on the air when she co-hosts the Margery & Elizabeth show on myTalk 107.1. Elizabeth also frequently contributes articles on food and urban farming to Edible Twin Cities magazine.

Elizabeth is an uplifting speaker who inspires attendees and she is an excellent Emcee as well!

Most Requested Programs

Goal Setting:
Don't let your goals keep you from living your life. Elizabeth spent the early years of her television career constantly waiting for the next thing. The next promotion, a better contract, the bigger market. It wasn't until she finally stopped looking ahead and started looking at the present that she finally found the most fulfilling work of her life. Elizabeth will motivate you to search for that perfect balance of always striving to be better while still living in and loving the present.

Elizabeth would love for you to meet Roz, Maryanne and Susie Q. These lovely ladies are actually hens who live in Elizabeth's Minneapolis backyard. Whether you want to grow a few herbs or raise livestock in your urban yard, Elizabeth will entertain you with stories of the thousands of worms wiggling in her basement, the "chicken TV" that's always on between her house and the alley and the legacy that lives in her urban garden. In turn, you'll learn about her quest for sustainable food and how we can all be happier and healthier because of it.

After a decade of working in front of a television camera, Elizabeth knows firsthand the pressures that come with a job where image and appearance matter. But we all look into the mirror every day and many of us have a hard time loving what we see. Elizabeth will share stories of learning the hard way what works and what doesn't on television and handling criticism about her appearance throughout her career. She'll also offer insight into finding your self-worth beyond your reflection and explain how liberating it can be to just give yourself a break!

Life/Work Balance:
Three hours on the radio, a daily live television show, writing and taking photographs for a popular blog and a local food magazine, spending time with friends and family, planning a wedding...the list goes on. People are always asking Elizabeth Ries how she manages to fit everything into a day. But if you look at your life, it's guaranteed that you are trying to accomplish just as much (or more!) within a finite number of hours. Elizabeth will share her strategies for maintaining balance (and sanity!) in a world that's constantly pulling us in a million directions. Her tangible ideas (never plan anything on a Monday night! Put yourself first!) will leave you feeling empowered to not just survive the day, but enjoy it.