Erik Westrum

Erik Westrum

Erik Westrum is a former professional hockey player, motivational speaker, leadership coach, and author of Becoming Elite: What It Takes To Transform Your Life Using the 4 Proven Pillars of Performance. He has had a passion to help others since he was a young child and this has not changed as he continues to fulfill his purpose in life—to be a Servant Leader.

When Erik retired from playing professional hockey for 12 years, he went back to the Carlson School of Management to get his MBA to gain more knowledge and expertise to help leaders and companies grow exponentially. After consulting on numerous projects and coaching hundreds of people over the past 20+ years, Erik established the principles and processes through Becoming Elite and what it takes to transform your life using four proven pillars of performance. He continues to share his message and passion for people from all walks of life as he remains committed to leading people in making a shift in Becoming Elite.

Most Requested Programs

Becoming Elite: Transform Your Life by Using the Four Proven Pillars of Performance

Can You Become ELITE? Erik will walk you through how as he becomes your guide.
Are you searching for an answer to improve your mindset to get the most out of each day and before you know it, get you to the top of your game?

Pillar 1:
The Psychological Shift – Transformation begins with your mind; Fixed vs Growth, Focus, and Time Management.

Pillar 2:
The Physical Shift – Physical activity is key to performance and productivity; Healthy Lifestyle, Disciplined Routine, Having Courage, and Being Productive.

Pillar 3:
The Spiritual Shift– Knowing who you are and being at peace; Empathy and Compassion, Values, Happiness, and Impacting Others.

Pillar 4:
The Emotional Shift – Being intentional in how you show up; Vulnerability, Self-Awareness, Being Relational and Not Transactional, and Living Intentional with Purpose and Passion.
Following this proven process of shifting within the four pillars of performance has helped Erik become elite in hockey, business, and life. It involves action and change. If you think you have it, then Erik is your guy to implement and integrate the change in Becoming Elite.
Elite is defined as superior in terms of ability or qualities compared to the rest of the group or society. It’s not something that is given to you; it is something that is earned. Anyone has the potential to be elite in life. But in order to do so, you need to take control of your life and make the small changes every day to make the shift within your own journey to becoming your own version of elite.

Using inspiring, practical, and real-world stories of successes and failures, Erik Westrum teaches you how to be accountable and disciplined while bridging the way from yesterday to a better today and into a consistent tomorrow.

12 Step Proven Process to Becoming Elite

Do you want to be ELITE in everything you do? The time is now to make the change! My mission throughout this program is to help you improve your life through the daily decisions you make. I am honored and excited to go on this lifelong journey with you through the 12 step proven process to Becoming Elite. We will dig into each step of the journey to allow you to connect personally with what you need in becoming the best version of you. We will identify your obstacles and barriers while coming up with a game plan on how to move forward. This will demand interaction by everyone. You will be pushed to going outside of your comfort zone. The end result will be a personalized plan with you holding the key to keeping yourself accountable in executing the 12 step proven process throughout your life.

3 Daily Tools to Guide You in Transforming Your Life

It all comes down to the daily decisions you make. We all live a busy life. In today’s society, we are expected to continuously be on the go and that can be exhausting. Everyone is constantly moving to the next to-do on their calendar. But there is power in being present and sitting in the here and now. We all need to take some time to sit and reflect on where our life is and where we want it to go.

Imagine if you could wake up each morning knowing that if you followed a straightforward process you would be guaranteed to have a more productive and well-rounded day.
It’s as simple as implementing the first three strategies consisting of 1) how to implement your daily 10-minute plan, 2) how to evaluate and recalibrate your daily mindset, and 3) how to take your 5-minute nightly pulse—adopt this process and you will see success.


“Thanks again for speaking to us this week. Your presentation was awesome! We did a simple survey of agents, attached. 4.75 out of 5. Great results and the best yet. Loved the message and how it started the day off with immediate engagement and excitement in pushing themselves to learn and implement the change and buy-in we needed.” - IFC National Marketing

“I just wanted to send a thank you for being a part of our crazy weekend of hockey. You rocked it. Your message hit home and was so very applicable not only to the parents but more importantly to the players. You definitely knew your audience and did a great job. Thanks for traveling down so far and speaking at both of our events. We received multiple compliments on your presentation - very cool!” - MN State Tournament

“Excellent work and unreal presentation! Wow! So fortunate God aligned our paths brother to contribute to the Force of Good! Keep up the great work as well, together we are making the world a better place! Your message hit home with all our participants. Thank you!” - National Veterans Organization

“Was sooooo awesome! Your presentation - story - and 4 pillars - would solve 95% of the world problems today! Keep Preaching and Mentoring to anyone who will listen!” - Professional Hockey Leadership Event

“Thank you so much for coming and speaking at the leadership summit. We loved hearing about your story and the amazing presentation about Becoming Elite. It was great to get to know you at the event as well with the extra time and care you spent with everyone above and beyond the allotted time. Everyone loved getting a book and of course a personalized message and autograph. Be on the look out for some requests to have you at other events of those in attendance. Our mailbox was overflowing with requests for your contact information.” - High School Leadership Summit