Janel Anderson

Janel Anderson

Part professor, part coach, part comedian, Dr. Janel Anderson offers fresh insights and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, all while making the audience laugh while they learn.

Dr. Anderson holds a PhD in organizational communication from Purdue University. She wrote her dissertation on virtual team communication. Prior to her speaking career, she held leadership roles in both large and small companies in the tech sector and was a college professor for many years.

Janel has appeared in Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, and The Atlantic, as well as on several television networks. In addition to being a popular business keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Janel is also the author of “Head On: How to Approach Difficult Conversations Directly.” In her spare time, she reverse engineers recipes for dishes from her favorite restaurants in her kitchen at home.

Most Requested Programs

The Irresistible Power of Communication Styles
Decoding the mystery of other people’s behavior and communication helps you get along with them and work better together. Research shows that getting along with other people is the number one key to success at work. This laugh-out-loud, engaging keynote will show you how to get along with others better and have fun doing so.
How you choose to communicate with, relate to, and resolve conflict with others will directly impact your success. Janel Anderson delivers key take-away strategies and powerful insights about human behavior (including your own), all while making you laugh and learn. Janel will take you on a journey inside the minds of others so that you can act rather than react to whatever curve balls come your way.

Give ‘Em a Five Star Experience
In today’s competitive marketplace, your customers have choices. Lots of choices. In an age when products and services can live or die by online reviews, what your customers say about you means EVERYTHING.
Whether you realize it or not, your customers – internal and external – are implicitly rating you. What experience do they have of you? Would you get a five star rating?
This highly interactive keynote delivers action-packed ideas for ensuring that you are providing the very best experience. You’ll learn what it takes to provide your colleagues and your guests with a five star experience that will have them never want to leave you. Ever.

Maximizing Performance While Leading from a Distance
Today’s work environment demands leaders and individual contributors be more adept at communicating at a distance than ever before. The challenges of working in a 24/7, global environment are significant. This session provides specific tools that assist in effectively leading and supervising in virtual environments. Participants will learn key actions that will assist in developing and nurturing trust, positively motivating employees at a distance, and cultivating accountability on goals that are already in play. The session addresses the challenges of working in a virtual environment and provides specific, tactical skills and tools that increase engagement and improve performance when managing those who work from a distance.

Take Difficult Conversations Head On
What if you had a difficult discussion with someone and instead of getting defensive, they thanked you instead? Janel shows you how to do just that in this engaging, inspiring and motivating talk. Beginning with the end in mind, you will learn how to reverse engineer difficult conversations into simple, straightforward conversations that get results. From what you do before the conversation starts, to the very first words you say, to how you close the conversation, Janel provides a step-by-step recipe for having even the most difficult workplace conversations.


"Janel was a pleasure to work with and gave an insightful presentation at our conference. She went above and beyond by sitting in on much of the conference prior to wrapping it up for us as our closing keynote. One attendee had this to say, “Wonderful way to close out the conference! She was very engaging and had some great tips." - Becky Carron, National Association of Electrical Distributors

"We’ve been spending a lot of time on remaking our culture over the last year and I couldn’t be more grateful for your help in the process – thank you! You provided strategies that we can do right now and many of them are not time-intensive, but will likely have a considerable impact on how staff feel about their work. I appreciate how you practiced what you were teaching in the session too in showing us how to run a virtual meeting that encourages participation." - Steve Grove, Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner

"Janel created a customized leadership training institute for the Minnesota Lottery. Selecting Janel for this project was the best thing we could have done! She had the inherent ability to connect directly with our leadership team, creating an environment that allowed them to learn and grow. It was great working with Janel. We couldn't be more pleased with the results!" - Robert Doty, Executive Director, Minnesota Lottery

"Janel graciously worked to customize her energetic, fun and engaging presentations for the conference. From our initial consultation through the event she clearly understood our audience. The attendees’ evaluations revealed how perfectly matched Janel’s programs were - every evaluation for Janel showed a rating of excellent or very good! In addition to, Janel was an active participant in our conference. She attended sessions presented by others and participated enthusiastically in the networking events." - Meg Thoresen, Entrepreneur Fund