Jermaine Davis

Jermaine Davis

Before receiving the prestigious College Instructor of the Year Award, Dr. Jermaine Davis worked in corporate America for IBM, Keebler Cookies, and Frito-Lay in sales and management. In 2003, Dr. Jermaine started Snack Attack Vending of Minnesota. After six-years of continuous growth, Dr. Jermaine sold his company and devoted his life to full-time speaking, teaching, facilitating, and writing. Now, he’s an award-winning Professor of Communication Studies at Century College and Organizational Leadership at St. Kate’s University in Minnesota. Dr. Jermaine has authored 10 books including, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW, Leading with Greatness, and Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens. He is known across the United States for teaching his popular 3 C’s Approach: Dr. Jermaine helps teams thrive and flourish with effective Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

Dr. Jermaine was raised in a drug- and gang- infested area on the West Side of Chicago. After the tragic loss of six family members to violent deaths, he enrolled in college to change the direction of his life. Dr. Jermaine holds a BA and a MA in Speech Communication, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Dr. Jermaine specializes in helping leaders, teams, and organizations develop healthy work environments so ALL employees can thrive and flourish.

Dr. Jermaine is an international speaker, leadership, and communication coach that engages audiences with his unique style of speaking and facilitating known as – EDUTAINMENT – a fun combination of education and entertainment. Prestigious organizations like 3M, Allianz, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Prudential, Wells Fargo, West Point Military Academy, John Deere, Medtronic, Land O’ Lakes, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car regularly seek out Dr. Jermaine’s expertise in the areas of increasing employee engagement, leadership development, communicating with influence, and overcoming workplace burnout.

Most importantly, he still loves to eat his grandmother’s homemade Mac ‘n’ Cheese AND all-you-can-eat crab legs.

Most Requested Programs

Beating Burnout Before It Brutally Beats You

Does life and work leave you feeling drained, depleted, and overwhelmed at times? Research shows, unmanaged stress leads to burnout and burnout destroys dreams, goals, and aspirations. Would you like to learn how to recharge and thrive in the midst of change, transition, and uncertainty? Thriving in the midst of change and adversity begins with cultivating an attitude of gratitude, developing a positive stress response style, and fostering healthy win-win relationships.

Let award-winning college professor, international leadership and communication coach, Dr. Jermaine Davis teach you how to energize your life and career from the inside out. If you want to learn how to recharge and refresh your personal and professional batteries, then this session is for you. Learn to beat burnout before burnout brutally beats you. This presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s bestselling book, Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW! How to Stay Motivated Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!

Influencing Up, Down & Across Your Organization
Can you effectively influence up, down, and across your organization? Do your employees and colleagues really listen when you talk? Can you assess a situation quickly and adapt your message to accomplish your communication and leadership goals? Do you know how to authentically motivate and inspire others to take positive action?

In his engaging presentation, Dr. Jermaine will share his latest research on how leaders can use the principles and practices of Communication and Influence to increase team and organizational effectiveness. This presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s bestselling book, Leading with Greatness! Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation.

The Bounce-Back Factor:
Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Success

Are you thriving or merely surviving? Adversity is an unavoidable fact in life and work. However, learning to thrive and succeed in the midst of adversity, uncertainty, and unpredictability requires a unique mindset that must be adopted, cultivated, and practiced. If you want to learn how to give yourself a competitive advantage so you can flourish—then this engaging presentation is definitely for YOU.

In this presentation, Dr. Jermaine Davis will share practical tips on how to mentally, emotionally, and physically Bounce-Back in the face of constant change and transition. The Bounce-Back Factor will teach you how to effectively adapt and adjust to the uncertainties in life and business. Get ready to learn and laugh as you recharge your personal and professional batteries.

Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens!
Is your organization’s climate inclusive or exclusive? Welcoming or unwelcoming? It’s imperative that leaders, managers, and frontline employees learn how to communicate and work effectively across ALL dimensions of diversity. Organizational communication, cooperation, and collaboration increases when employees feel safe, respected, and valued. Creativity and innovation increases when they feel a sense of belonging.

Organizations that invest in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion related programs mitigate employee turnover, retain talent of color, and reduce diversity-related conflicts. Unmanaged disruptions can negatively impact the employee and customer experience.

In this engaging presentation, Dr. Jermaine Davis will equip leaders and frontline employees with practical tips on how to work inclusively up, down, and across their organization. This presentation will explore how to manage the pitfalls of groupthink and implicit biases. As a masterful storyteller and facilitator, Dr. Jermaine will share practical tips taken from his bestselling books, Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens! and Leading with Greatness!

Thriving as a Team!
Would you like to learn how to build and lead high-performance teams? Does your leadership inspire your employees to accomplish your organizations’ mission, vision, values, and strategic goals? In this engaging presentation - Dr. Jermaine Davis will teach you how to get every team member moving in the same direction to drive organizational success. He will share his latest research on how to cultivate a healthy work environment that inspires a culture of creativity, innovation, communication, and collaboration. Dr. Jermaine will equip leaders and frontline employees with the key principles and practices of Thriving as a Team. This presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s bestselling book, Leading with Greatness! Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation.


“I was delighted with Dr. Jermaine’s unique twist on leadership, motivation, and communication. Our managers are currently reading his book, Leading with Greatness. He quickly adapts to his environment to connect with his participants. He will win over any group.” - Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts, Kristina Burks - Controller/Director of Human Resources

“I knew Jermaine Davis was a great speaker when I saw my negative and cynical employees standing in line to purchase his books. As a nurse manager, I was able to take back practical tips to share with my nursing team and managers. He’s an amazing storyteller and an engaging speaker.” - Walker Methodist Health Center, Bette Gordon – Assistant Director of Nursing

“Your presentation covered the key messages that we asked for and you gave the audience practical examples, tools, and techniques they could immediately apply with their teams. You made our annual leadership retreat a success.” - Bremer Bank, Pat Rossez – Senior Vice President

“The attendees raved about Jermaine’s presentations and he held an average evaluation score of 4.8/5. Jermaine was one of our top rated speakers for the year and I would recommend him to any event planner.” - North Dakota Safety Council, Serena Schmit - Marketing Coordinator

“This is a tough crowd to win over and I witnessed Dr. Jermaine build bridges with our corporate and field employees. We were so impressed with him that we booked him for more than 25 presentations across the U.S. over a three year period.” - Best Buy Corporation, Dr. Katie Ruberto – Senior Project Manager