Jerrid Sebesta

Jerrid Sebesta

For nearly a decade, former TV meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta has keynoted in front of 200+ audiences ranging from CEOs to teachers to farmers - inspiring them to live with more urgency, lead with more dedication and grow with more authenticity. In this transformative keynote, Jerrid Sebesta unpacks the 'Life Undeferred' philosophy, demonstrating how living in the present is the most potent tool for personal and professional fulfillment. Drawing from his dynamic life shifts, including the pivotal January 1st, 2022 event, Jerrid illuminates how to live fully in the 'now' to create an enriched 'tomorrow.'

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The Life-Undeferred Approach to Revitalizing Your Workplace
In the modern work environment, burnout has become a barrier to success and satisfaction. Jerrid Sebesta, a transformative speaker and advocate for authentic living, delivers a compelling keynote on reigniting the flames of engagement and morale in the workplace. Through his "Life-Undeferred" lens, Jerrid shares how companies and employees can collaboratively overcome burnout by embracing a culture of present-focused enthusiasm and resilience.


"Jerrid is a genuine and engaging presenter that truly inspired our staff and customers to live differently. Highly recommend!" - Marie Krause, Vice President, Marketing Director, Pioneer Bank, Minnesota2)

"I've never had a speaker receive more positive comments than all my years participating in our annual conference." - Nate Reinhardt, Organizer, Minnesota Government Finance Officers Association3)

"We bring Jerrid in each year to speak to our Leadership professionals. Each year he's the audience favorite. 5 out of 5 stars EVERY TIME!" - Christie Ransom, President/CEO, Chamber of Commerce, Winona, MN4)

"Jerrid keynoted our 10th Annual Agricultural Symposium. He hit it out of the park! People continue to talk about his message today." - Erin Aanenson, Executive Director, South Central College Foundation