Jill J. Johnson

Jill J. Johnson

Jill J. Johnson, MBA, is the President and Founder of Johnson Consulting Services. This two-time Business Hall of Fame inductee is a management consultant who has personally impacted more than $4 billion dollars worth of business decisions for her clients. Jill’s deep expertise includes the evaluation of complex marketplace dynamics and assessing the impact of these market forces on long-range strategic plans, at both the board and operating level.

With a passion for results, Jill's content is laser-focused to provide clarity to audiences who want to understand the critical market forces shaping the future of their enterprises. She cuts through the clutter and quickly gets to the core issues. She brings a wealth of practical and proven business acumen to her presentations to provide your team or audience with meaningful insight and a platform for enhanced professional success. Jill is a powerful speaker with the rare ability to deliver substantive content in a way that is engaging and easily accessible. She is known for her thought-provoking content, candid story-telling, actionable takeaways, and her humor. She has earned Professional Member status in the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Virtual Presenter.

The value of hiring Jill to speak? Your attendees will think more strategically, become more effective leaders, make better decisions, and achieve real results.

Most Requested Programs

When Your Crystal Ball Is Cloudy: Setting Your Strategic Direction in Uncertain Times
The greatest challenge facing businesses today is the increasing complexity brought about by the changing dynamics of our nation's social, political and economic environment. Strategic planning no longer can rely on a facilitated and fun discussion of your wishes and dreams for the future. Effective planning in a turbulent period requires a market-based approach that engages in a deep assessment of your business environment. Jill's thought-provoking presentation will show you how to assess your assumptions and understand the market forces at play that will determine your ability to survive and thrive. Jill will provide practical insights to help you avoid common planning mistakes and obtain the information you really need to make good decisions.

Strategic Thinking: Making Yourself Valuable to Your C-Suite
The C-Suite is under tremendous pressure to perform in today's challenging economic environment. Senior executives need to ensure that all of their corporate assets and investments are properly structured to meet operational and financial needs. This workshop will help you identify the critical strategic information your C-Suite needs from you to sell them on the value of your services. You will learn how to leverage your technical knowledge into strategic insight that will shift your role in your organization from a support function to a critical business asset. You will also learn how to more effectively communicate your real strategic value in the language of the C-Suite about the issues that matter the most to them. Jill will share the secrets you need to make your job really matter to your organization.

Secrets of Enduring Enterprises: Eight Essential Strategies for Achieving Business Longevity
While most executives and entrepreneurs feel ready to embrace the risks of leadership of a business, non-profit organization or small business, few understand that those who lead enterprises that sustain success over the long-term are different. Leaders of enduring enterprises both big and small do more than just dream about their future. They focus their strategies to make their vision of success a reality. Leaders who create enduring enterprises that last well beyond their personal leadership tenure are always looking ahead to identify the other tools, resources, ideas and technology they can access to enhance and sustain their organizational success. Jill Johnson’s insightful presentation will provide you with practical strategies to help you understand, develop and implement the eight essential strategies that will enhance your leadership ability to build an enduring enterprise. She will share with you what you need to implement immediately to boost your potential for building a business or organization that stands the test of time.

Compounding Your Confidence: Strategies to Expand Your Opportunities for Success
For anyone hoping to grow as a leader, one characteristic is essential: confidence. Confidence allows you to have impact far beyond your title or level within your organization. By incorporating a disciplined focus on seeking and accepting opportunities you will build your confidence to reach for higher rungs of influence and impact. Jill Johnson has risen from modest beginnings to earn wide acclaim. She will pull back the curtain to show you how she confidently influences the decisions of C-Suite executives and government officials at the highest levels of power in both state and federal government. She will share how you can do this too. In this dynamic presentation, you will take away strategies you can implement immediately to help you identify, enhance, and believe in your own leadership abilities. You will understand how the compounded impact of small bold actions to build your confidence can morph into amazing opportunities with the potential to transform your future.


“It was a great day and we appreciated Jill’s contribution to the success of the event. They all seemed to genuinely enjoy the content of the workshop and valued the topics Jill covered.” – Senior Director of Events Marketing, Ultimate Software (now UKG)

“Jill was given the daunting task of leading the closing plenary session at an all day, state wide housing conference. Jill delivered a dynamic presentation with sound advice that attendees could implement immediately into their businesses and organizations. I was absolutely impressed how she attended the conference and modified her material to include talking points from the previous 10 speakers. She is a master of her subject matter and is a great speaker.” - Director of Public Affairs, North Dakota Housing Finance Agency

“We got a lot of great feedback on Jill’s presentation and exercise at our National Sales Meeting. We had a great experience working with Jill.” – Director of Marketing, Mendocino Forest Products

“I have hired Jill Johnson repeatedly as a management consultant and as a speaker for more than a decade. Her critical thinking skills and expert analysis reflect her deep expertise and knowledge. My board of directors and leadership team rely on Jill's thought leadership. She helps us to understand the critical market issues and trends impacting our ability to achieve our strategic goals. Jill's candid insight and thoughtful commentary have been invaluable to us.” - Executive Director, Laurel Lake Retirement Community

“Jill's incredibly knowledgeable and arguably one of the most engaging and informative speakers I've worked with.” – Vice President, Midwest Energy Association