Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown is The Energy Phoenix! She is a keynote speaker and bestselling author, a luminary who redefines the energy of leadership in the modern workplace.
Drawing from her transformative experiences as a young widow, combined with 15 years in corporate leadership, Kristen's keynotes have revolutionized workplace dynamics for giants like Microsoft, General Mills, Target, and many more.

With a Master's in Integral Theory and a suite of wellness certifications, she presents a holistic blueprint for achieving unparalleled work/life synergy, resilience, and results.

Kristen's influence spans media from Forbes to "Live with Kelly" and as one of only 360 active Certified Speaking Professionals globally, Kristen promises a keynote experience grounded in fun, expertise, and energy.
With her, your attendees don't just observe; they rise!

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The Energy of Leadership
Are you ready to reinvent leadership as you know it? It begins within!
This isn't your typical leadership talk…it’s a transformative energy experience on self-leadership for smart professionals like you who want to rise above the ordinary and make a significant impact in their work and life regardless of your job role. It’s a customized session tailored to your group that mixes data and insight with fun and enlightenment. (Just bring your enthusiasm and Kristen will handle the rest! Energy Bingo anyone?!)

So what’s The Energy of Leadership about?

There are seven energy centers that fuel your inner fire and create a framework for awareness, growth, and impact. Vision Energy provides direction, Strategy Energy lays out your path, Communication Energy bridges gaps, Relationship Energy creates a strong network, Confidence Energy celebrates your superpowers, Creativity Energy brings innovation, and Motivation Energy drives you forward. To become a holistic and memorable leader, you need to turn on and turn up each Energy Center to create high flow in yourself, deep resilience in your team, and remarkable results for your organization and in your life.

What Awaits You:

  • Dive into the seven energies of leadership, realizing how self-leadership and resilience are the engines propelling great leaders of all job roles and levels.
  • Engage in fresh and fun activities that are as thought-provoking as they are actionable. You won’t just gain insights; you’ll acquire relevant and immediate strategies and try them out right there in the room.
  • Revel in the energy of the room! From shared wisdom and stories to bursts of inspiration and lots of laughter, this session is designed to supercharge the power within you!

And for the encore?
Don't miss out on our post-event Momentum Video and Energy Hack Packs for every attendee. They're the essential gear for your leadership toolkit! You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the seven energies that drive you internally and the meaningful impact that creates externally on your colleagues, clients, loved ones, and the world.
That is The Energy of Leadership!


Unleash Your Energy Phoenix
Deep inside you is the essential power to rise from any challenge at work and at home. During this interactive session you will dive deep into this realm of resilience and mental health, showing you how to arise from big and small stressors that take you down and often keep you stuck. Get ready for an interactive, fun-filled experience that will leave you inspired, empowered, and equipped with actionable tools to fuel your personal and professional growth and enjoyment of life. Through captivating stories, inspiring wisdom, and engaging exercises, we’ll spin your setbacks into unstoppable momentum. You’ll spark up your inner fire, conquer hidden and obvious obstacles, and unleash the untapped potential that lies within you. Don’t miss out on this engaging journey of self-discovery and transformation woven with stories from Kristen’s own wild journey through change and challenge. Don’t miss this session…your Energy Phoenix is waiting to rise!

Energize Your Presentations
Get ready to supercharge your presentations and captivate any audience! During this session, we’ll uncover the secrets to creating engaging and entertaining presentations that will have your audience paying attention, learning, laughing, and taking action on your message. Prepare for an interactive, fun-filled experience where you’ll discover the power of the 5 Ms of Motivation, Message, Meaning, Memorability, and Momentum. Through interactive exercises and entertaining stories, we’ll show you how to infuse your presentations with energy, purpose, and impact. You’ll learn how to motivate your audience, craft a compelling message, deliver meaning that resonates, create memorable moments, and build momentum for action. Get ready to transform your presentations from bland to grand and leave your audience begging for more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your inner presenter and become a master of engagement and influence.


I have heard Kristen speak on numerous occasions. Each time, I have been totally blown away. She is the complete package – great content, action focus to her talks, and fabulous style and sense of humor! She has the unique ability to come across as an expert, but also as your instant friend or colleague. That's what makes her connect to audiences of all types so easily. I have spent 22 years in big corporate America and higher education, and Kristen honestly is one of the best speakers I have experienced. - Planner, MBA Program - St. Catherine University

Kristen was our luncheon general keynote speaker in at our Minnesota Premier CIO Forum last December. Her personality is wonderful, charismatic and positive. The overall session was perfect and what our audience needed. She used humor, was positive and energetic with delivery. There wasn't one person that wasn't paying attention. We will be asking Kristen to join in other cities as the response was well received. I highly recommend Kristen for your company as a motivational speaker. - Planner, CIO Forum

We were blessed to have Kristen speak at our Vikings Women quarterly meeting and to present to our staff and extended Vikings family. Kristen was fantastic! Her message was relevant, authentic, informative, entertaining and inspiring. Her ability to connect with the group and to move them to take action was evident by the tremendous amount of feedback I received after the event - thanking me for bringing Kristen in and sharing how much they enjoyed her! I would highly recommend Kristen, to anyone considering having her speak at your event, and would say get on her busy calendar and reserve your time with her asap! Thank you Kristen. - Planner, MN Vikings

I can't recommend Kristen highly enough! Her presentation at our event was so wonderful! Kristen was truly a joy to work with, so professional and thoughtful, and her presentation exceeded our expectations. We felt that she was a huge part of making our event a success! I had many people come by and say they loved her session, she was so engaging and thought provoking – and funny! Plus I really appreciated the Robert Downy Jr. slide, she knew our audience ? She brought our content to the next level and we were so excited to see the group so engaged. We couldn’t have been happier!! - Planner, Intereum

Day 2 did not disappoint! Phenomenal sessions with Kristen Brown and Rachel Hollis!! - Rodan + Fields