Lambers Fisher

Lambers Fisher

Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDiv, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor, adjunct instructor, award-winning author, and national speaker on the topic of multicultural awareness and diversity. For 20 years, Lambers has counseled individuals, couples, and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, in private practice, non-profit, as well as ministry environments. Lambers utilizes his marriage and family therapist experience to bring a positive, shame-free, empowering, and relationship-focused approach to equip helping professionals in various fields to increase their cultural self-awareness, reduce the frequency of unintentional cultural offenses, as well as repair relationships damaged by cultural offenses. Lambers’ Diversity Made Simple training has equipped over 20,000 professionals around the country to feel more comfortable, competent, and confident in their ability to meet a greater variety of needs for whomever they have the opportunity to serve. Lambers is the author of the award-winning book, Diversity in Clinical Practice: A Practical & Shame-Free Guide to Reducing Cultural Offenses & Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships.

Most Requested Programs

Diversity Made Simple: Practical & Shame-Free Multicultural Awareness Training
Unintentional cultural offenses and misunderstandings often contribute to disconnected personal and professional relationships. Unfortunately, helping professionals often feel paralyzed by the fear that we don’t know enough about other cultures to try to effectively support those different than themselves. This training will help reduce those fears by providing an attainable goal for increasing cultural competence, as well as reducing the negative impact of unavoidable cultural misunderstandings on professional rapport and effectiveness. This positive and encouraging, relationship-focused training will provide practical language and strategies that can help re

Mental Health Made Simple
There has been an increased awareness of the need for professionals in various fields to not only reduce the stigma associated with mental health diagnoses, but also increase understanding of mental health struggles. Unfortunately, non-mental health professionals often feel insufficiently trained to accomplish meet this need.

In Mental Health Made Simple, Marriage & Family Therapist, Lambers Fisher, will provide practical perspectives on common mental health struggles, how they might be identified in work and home environments, and ways in which individuals with mental health struggles can be supported and empowered, rather than stigmatized and minimized.


"Lambers’ simplification of terms that are threatening or off putting to others was so incredibly helpful! I do a lot of trainings around DEI and often struggle with how to demystify terms the way Lambers did. His ideas around these concepts helped me very much!
Lambers’ presentation was full of energy, humor and honesty. He was very real and talked “with” us versus “at” us. I really enjoyed hearing his presentation!" - Pennsylvania Department of Education Annual Conference

"Thank you Lambers for your training. The feedback received from our staff was very positive. We appreciate how you not only presented information, but you engaged with those in attendance making it feel like an interactive training experience." - Minnesota Prairie County Alliance

"Lambers is a dynamic speaker that knows how to reach audiences with authentic, real life examples of cultural diversity in action. This helps teams connect and think about their own approach and application. I’d recommend Lambers as a speaker because he is dynamic, responsive, and engaging." - Caring Bridge

"Thank you for your level of engagement. The material was presented in the form of a conversation rather than lecture. It was easy to digest and retain. I would recommend Lambers as a speaker because of his level of energy, passion, and the way Lambers presents material." - Nystrom & Associates

"Lambers presented on a sensitive and challenging topic in a way that was approachable, compassionate, and practical. He was engaging and the time flew by. Best of all, he provided concrete skills to help therapists work more effectively and in a multiculturally competent manner. I would absolutely recommend Lambers as a speaker – 100% without a doubt. This was one of the most thoughtful, nuanced, and practical seminars I've attended on this topic." - Kaiser Permanente