Ronald Henderson

Ronald Henderson

Are you a company executive or conference organizer looking to help your people or attendees gain more focus, reduce employee stress, increase customer retention, revenue, and influence?

For Celebrity and corporate trainer Ron Henderson, a professional image isn’t just a nice appearance, it’s the entire package—inward and outward—that sets the stage for ultimate success. In today’s highly competitive business world, professionals need to establish a differentiator, which allows them to increase their client base, optimize performance and achieve better results while reducing their stress

Ron helps audiences turn their thoughts into action with his high energy and engaging presentations. As a master motivator, he walks leaders through ways they can become their best and most productive selves. With more than 40 years of experience as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and media personality, Henderson has developed a program with the success of leaders as its centerpiece.

Ron is the host of the popular TV show Motivation and the former host of “Winning Workouts,” the cable exercise series. Henderson also co-hosted “Fan Fitness Sunday” on KFAN radio with Mark Rosen of WCCO TV. Henderson is also author of several books.

Most Requested Programs

Topic: Customer Service

Title: Self-Staging: The Secret to Great Customer Service
One of the keys to any successful business is great customer service. In this presentation, I lay out 6 keys to regenerating and revitalizing your team to not only provide great customer service, but to improve their own work and life satisfaction. Coming from being a successful business owner for almost 40 years, and a prostate cancer survivor I deliver a message that is deeply felt, enlightening, and full of practical take-aways for your team.

Topic: Stress Reduction

Title: Stress Down by Shaping Up
Work-place stress has grown to epidemic proportions, making it harder for many employees to work at their highest level. Add to that the stress created through social distancing and you have a high stress/reduced output team. My keynote will give your attendees innovative and useful tools to reduce stress while improving their bodies. This high-energy presentation will grab your attendee’s attention and motivate them to get up off of their chairs and move. My strategies are easy to implement in body and mind and will leave a lasting impression.

Topic: Work/Life Balance

Title: Finding Balance While Giving it Your All
A strong body and strong mind are essential to giving your all to career and homelife. The two are not exclusive of each other. Yes—You CAN have it all! I use my 40 years of business experience, humor, and health expertise to motivate and inspire attendees to prioritize building a healthy body, a strong mind, and a positive attitude.

Topic: Health and Wellness

Title: Fitness Economics
Fitness is like finances: you must pay in before you can spend! In my popular keynote presentation, I correlate financial principles to physical health and fitness strategies to help individual no matter what stage of life or fitness. My unique slant on fitness at any age inspires attendees to increase their “health net worth” and acts as a catalyst to an active and vital life now and in the future.


Ron's presentation was amazing, his contagious energy had my attendees up and moving.
Allina Health:Mercy Hospital
Ron Henderson, The Fitness King, spoke at our company-wide all-employee meetings. He was the first speaker each of the two days. What a WONDERFUL way to start the day!

We have had other health and wellness speakers at these meetings…but none like Ron. His message was well-received by the employees. When our management team met the following week to critique the various speakers and sessions, Ron came out the “winner”.

In our organization, we run the gamut from business attire office employees to dirt-under-the-fingernails field employees. It can be difficult for a speaker to effectively connect with people with these diverse skill sets and personalities. That is a non-issue with Ron. He connected with everyone. His message was received well and I know several decided to make life-style changes after our sessions. I highly recommend bringing Ron into your organization. You will not regret it!
- Steve Shurts West Central Energy

“Thanks to Ron my staff is energized and thinking about how their health impacts all facets of their life. You touched many people with a message that will stay with them for a long time to come.”
- Steve Wagenheim, President, Granite City Food & Brewery