Sarah Ciavarri

Sarah Ciavarri

Sarah Ciavarri has loved watching things grow ever since she was a little girl chasing after her dad on the family farm. Back then it was piglets, sunflowers and wheat, now it is audacious dreams, leaders, and teams. Sarah, founder of This Wholehearted Life, LLC, is a gifted speaker and author able to quickly connect with audiences large and small and travels the country inspiring participants to be courageous, resilient, and authentic. Sarah wrote, "Finding Our Way to the Truth: Seven Lies Leaders Believe and How to Let Them Go" to inspire leaders through her relatable and humorous stories and to provide them easy steps to be more successful in their own skin. Sarah is a Certified Facilitator of all of Dr. Brené Brown’s curricula: Dare to Lead, Daring Greatly, Bold, and The Gifts of Imperfection. Sarah has facilitated over 200 workshops on Dr. Brown’s research and has supported thousands of leaders to develop a courage practice.

Sarah is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and is a faculty member with Coaching4Today’s Leaders. In this role, Sarah is able to coach your entire team in becoming certified coaches themselves, thus building a team and culture of inquiry, positive intent, and listening to understand.

Sarah brings over twenty years serving as a care center chaplain and Director of Spiritual Care. She holds a Master of Divinity, 1600 hours of post-graduate training in Clinical Pastoral Education, and is a Board Certified Chaplain. While at first glance, one may wonder what the connection is to keynoting and facilitating, these years of listening to elders share their stories of both resiliency and regret and helping families navigate with authenticity and integrity difficult choices for care, have given Sarah insight into what really matters in life, how to have a productive conversation, and strategies to move mission forward for best outcomes.

Most Requested Programs

“Finding Our Leadership Truth: The Seven Lies Leaders Believe and How to Let Them Go”
Based on Sarah's book, this session gets real fast. Do you have people on your team that don’t believe they are good leaders? Do you struggle to set clear boundaries and expectations because you want to be nice? If so, the lies about leadership just might be working overtime in our thinking. Lies that say you must please everyone, you must have all the answers, you must avoid judgment, and you somehow tricked the people who hired you. You get the idea; all the thoughts that isolate us. But here’s the secret: those lies aren’t true. Learn what the lies are, how to catch them, and practice accessible tools to grow as a leadership.

"Daring Leading When Stress, Burnout, and Comparison Say Why Try”
Leading can be so draining in our fast-paced world but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find oasis of rejuvenation in our busy schedules. Even three mindful breathes can change the trajectory of our day! Based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research learn how comparison and judgment keep us hustling and hiding, how our brains get hijacked when too much stress is present, and how to not only manage but effectively move through these barriers to living and leading with more purpose, joy, meaning, and connection. You will leave with new tangible tools.

“Bounce Back! How Resiliency Moves You From Surviving to Thriving”
A field of study has never been so hot as the current research on neuroscience and resiliency. What do we learn when we look at patterns of thoughts and behavior that actually work pretty well for people? We learn how to bounce back! Resiliency can be learned. We will look at the components of resiliency, practice skill-building to develop it, and learn how it helps us get the results we want.

“Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Organization”
Does the attitude, “Just tell me what to do!” seep into your culture? And then when a plan of implementation flops, the attitude of “I knew it won’t work in the first place” creeps in? You can change that culture to one of ownership by creating a culture of coaching in which your team functions on inquiry of discovery, self-awareness, accountability, and mutual support. This workshop will teach your team the foundational behaviors of coaching and can prepare your team members to become certified coaches through the International Coaching Federation.

“Putting the Kind Back in Human”
With the pressures of our modern world, we could all use a little more honest-to-goodness kindness in our lives. More of ‘we are in this together’ and ‘we can get through mistakes and setbacks,’ more genuine interest and concern. Learn actionable practices to support your team, self-compassion practices to support yourself, and unleash the power of curiosity to use when in hard, heated, or horns-locked conversations, and the three step process for healthy conversations.


“Sarah provided a very powerful training on resiliency for our agency. She worked with us ahead of time to get to know our work, and taught us ways to build resiliency as professionals as well as how to promote it in the families we work with. We all left the training inspired and equipped with new skills to bring our personal values and self-compassion into our emotionally-challenging work. Sarah is a compassionate and enthusiastic trainer who had us sometimes laughing or crying as we learned together.” - Jake Johnson, Families First of MN

“Working with Sarah was a delight! She listened thoughtfully, had great ideas about how to address our needs, and was flexible and creative in offering solutions. Feedback from the participants in a recent two-day course was extremely positive, and all would be interested in attending additional workshops or courses offered by Sarah in the future. Comments focused on Sarah’s thorough preparation for the course including beautiful workbooks for attendees, her in-depth knowledge of the material, and most importantly, on her authentic interest in the topic, and sharing it with others.” - Rebecca Amundsen, Executive Director for Continuing, Studies and Outreach Continuing Studies and Outreach

“Sarah's endearing and practical presentation style combined with her deep knowledge of Brené Brown's research offered just the right amount of instruction, mindfulness and playfulness to our annual lunch celebration. She inspired social workers and graduating students to lean into the vulnerability, the uncertainty, and the heartbreaking realities we encounter with wholehearted living, daring leadership and self-understanding. We left our event uplifted.” - Sande Traudt, LICSW, Director of Field Education - Bethel University, Roseville, MN

“We brought Sarah Ciavarri to our learning event that she might provide some next level practical coaching practices for our leadership. Sarah’s engaging instruction was contagious and life-giving. We, undoubtedly, left with tools to move to our preferred future as leaders. Sarah’s presentation included a rich supply of resources. Her leveling of information was refreshing!” - Rev. Karen Hayden, Director of Leadership Excellence of the Missouri Annual Conference

“Sarah Ciavarri is an incredibly professional speaker who engages with the audience through stories that add to her teaching. She also included fun large group and small group activities and discussions that added to the audience's engagement which truly made for a meaningful experience for all. Sarah is so knowledgeable with the subject she presents that it seems to flow effortlessly from her heart. We have had Sarah be our keynote speaker twice for our yearly women's event and everyone loved having her and she did an amazing job. She was easy to work with and her positive attitude and upbeat personality seemed to rub off on everyone.” - Sue Oberg, King of Kings Lutheran Church